Foundation and Underpinning

Foundation and Underpinning

The foundation is a structural supporting system, an essential part of the structure, which transmits all the loads of the walls of the building.

Foundation construction is an important technological process, at which, if properly carried out, all the loads on the foundation are transferred to the soil evenly so that it prevents unacceptable settlement and collapse of the building or fence.

The company PRYDE GROUP CORP is engaged in the construction of all types of foundations. The calculations of our specialists show where and what kind of base is better to construct. A responsible approach to solving the issue of the foundation for a house or any other construction makes our work of high quality.

The customer receives:

  • free consultation by phone;
  • free expert estimation at the place of construction;
  • qualified specialists at all stages;
  • value for money;
  • fixed price for the cost of work in the contract;
  • delivery of the project on time.

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