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Waterproofing of houses is a set of special measures aimed to protect foundations or other elements of a residential building from the harmful effects of the environment. Very unfavorable conditions such as precipitation, the movement of melt and waste water, high levels of humidity can cause significant damage to the building. The appearance of fungal […]

Foundation and Underpinning

The foundation is a structural supporting system, an essential part of the structure, which transmits all the loads of the walls of the building. Foundation construction is an important technological process, at which, if properly carried out, all the loads on the foundation are transferred to the soil evenly so that it prevents unacceptable settlement […]

Drains Systems

PRYDE GROUP CORP designs and constructs drainage systems in Toronto. Except for its obvious benefits, water, in case of an overabundance, can do great harm, primarily in relation to various buildings on the site. Constantly being in a damp environment or in direct contact with water, the concrete becomes covered with micro cracks, the reinforcement […]

Concrete Floors

The concrete floor is the basis for the vast majority of floors. The quality of the finished floor coating as well as its operational characteristics largely depends on the quality of its set-up. In order for the price of a concrete floor to be optimal, it is necessary to select in advance the type of […]

About Us

«Pryde Group Corp» company is quality construction services in Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Our company offers the following services for Toronto residents: Waterproofing, Underpinning, Drains, Concrete floors, Demolition ets. We are ready to take on your project and hand over the object as soon as possible.

Our main goal is to provide 100% quality services and earn the client’s trust. Years of experience in the construction of a wide variety of objects allows us to safely call ourselves experts.

Individual approach

We prepare a personal project for your needs and choose the best solution.

We work quickly

We know the secret of how to build quickly and without compromising on quality.


Monitoring technology at every stage is a guarantee of the quality and durability.

Reasonable price

We save you money by eliminating intermediaries and unnecessary costs.

Gallery of Our Works

Our Prices

Type of JobAvg.Price MINAvg.Price MAX
Sump Pump & Tank$2100$2700
Sump Pump only$600$900
Sump Pump Battery back-up+$900+$1200
Backwater Valve Installation inside$2000$2700
Backwater Valve Installation outside$2400$3200
Interior Waterproofing$80
Per Linear Foot
Per Linear Foot
Exterior Waterproofing$100
Per Linear Foot
Per Linear Foot
Foundation Crack Repair$1600
Per Crack. Up to 4 feet wide, up to 5 feet deep
Per Crack. Up to 5 feet wide, up to 9 feet deep
Window well Repair (regular)$1800
Up to 48" wide, up to 5 feet deep
Up to 60" wide, up to 9 feet deep

Service Area

All our services are available 24/7 to residents of cities such as Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Vaughan, Markham, Richmond Hill, Pickering, Brampton, Milton, Hamilton, Caledon, Aurora and other Greater Toronto Area (GTA) areas.

Latest in our Blog

Foundation forming

Foundation forming for future window well 15 feet wide‼️ Inspected and ready for pouring! Inspected and ready for pouring!

Addition underpinning project

This underpinning project was like on the video when we first time get there‼️ Emergency condition 🚨. D&B name of the company which was working on this project before us. It was stopped because from side of the house bricks start falling on neighbour’s property. It’s gonna be finished approximately end of June with all […]

Addition project started!

As you can see on the next pictures we did underpinning for this house and just started excavation for new 15’6” by 20’.

DELTA MS membrane installation

Long-lasting Moisture Protection, Long-lasting Satisfaction. By keeping water away from the foundation wall, DELTA®-MS is able to keep basements permanently dry and protected. Unlike sprays, which crack when concrete walls crack, it bridges cracks so no water intrusions can occur. DELTA-MS is a dimpled membrane that uses our exclusive Air-gap Technology to ensure your basements […]

Foundation coating aqua block installation

Foundation coating aqua block installation with 4mm poly‼️ Tar coatings have been used for decades to protect foundation walls from moisture. However, this can not be the only waterproofing measure you take if you want to keep your basement dry and clean. Call 437-984-4402 for more information.

Preparatory works

Footings for walk-out entrance. Cinder block wall installation. Parging installation for the exterior wall of walk-out entrance.